We are a non-profit run organization who provides support and advice for people who are dealing with any medical issues. We can provide free online services, which are designed to help you, feel more confident and less afraid of any illnesses you are facing. A team of dedicated qualified individuals can answer any questions, provide remedies and more importantly be someone to talk too. Our primary focus is with mental health, such as Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar disorders, Dementia, Schizophrenia and many more. The hardest thing patients find about their condition is accepting and understanding it. For many patients understanding what is happening in the super complex brain that they believe is so different to everyone else is the biggest hurdle in recovery.

Bit about you

So what are all these complicated scientific names the doctors are diagnosing you with?


easter-bunny-644418_1920Depression to most people is just the feeling of feeling down and sad. Depression comes under many names, MDD (Major Depressive Disorder), Clinical Depression, Major Depression, Recurrent Depression or Unipolar Depression. Ultimately, the condition is the recurrence of low self-esteem and moody episodes normally with lack of enthusiasm for pleasure and activities. Depression commonly is triggered by an event throughout someone’s life such as a death of a close/loved one, but can also be triggered by the brain. When it is triggered by an event such as death, a depressive state sits deep in the mind. Serotonin is the chemical in your body, which is essentially the ‘happy’ chemical. People with depression struggle to produce and regulate this chemical causing a drop in happiness thus inducing a depressive mental state.


Anxiety is the feeling of nervous or uncomfortable feeling such a fright and fear of all scales.

The brain and normally many by other medical conditions, which include anxiety as a symptom or side effect of the medication they are required to take contribute to anxiety. The common scientific term for the condition is GAD which stands for Generalised Anxiety Disorder and generally includes a long-term disorder where a person will feel anxious in a wider range of scenarios, some mild such as a small family gathering or some big like large gatherings. A lot of people struggle to relax with anxiety in the comfort of their home and find simple task quite challenging. However what most people don’t know anxiety is a feeling every human being feels, it is an instinct, but some people have it stronger than others so require help controlling it.

There are also other forms of medication for anxiety recovery. Many people take anxiety medication and have found a quicker and more positive difference than the medication they were on before.


Dementia is an illness which is spreading across the world at an increasing rate. It affects the brain and slows cognitive movement and mainly a patient’s memory. People with dementia become very much less independent and rely heavily on someone to help with basic needs like washing, going to the toilet, eating.


Dementia’s effects are known to mainly affect the people around them. Its need for constant support can wear carers down and decrease their own way of living. Nowadays patients are getting specialist dementia care in weston super mare, where they have built up a reputation for some of the highest standard of care in 2014/15. Dementia patients become to like tranquil environments, such as the calm relaxing coasts or the peaceful countryside.

If you need help with any of these topics, or require recommendation regarding suitable homes who can provide a better life for both carers and patients please get in touch via our Contact Us page and we can help make a difference.